I feel like a welcome is in order, but I’m never very good at them. I’ll just say hello, and give you a brief introduction about what this blog’s purpose is. If you’d like to know more, feel free to comment!

I (Hyrum), and my wife (Rachel), decided some time ago that we wanted to start an anonymous blog that we could use as a tool for venting our frustrations with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Going forward we will probably refer to it as TSCC (The So Called Church), LDS Inc., and other handy, more appropriate terms. After some time of trying to brainstorm ideas and names for this blog, we decided to approach a dear friend (Benjamin) for ideas. He quickly jumped on board and wanted to write here along with us. In the future we may add more contributors, but at the launch of the site there’s just the three of us.

We’re all going to be writing a lot of different things. Things like how being raised as an employee (member) of LDS Inc. affected us. Or the real facts about the History of The Church, not the revisionist and white-washed History they teach. We’ll also take the opportunity to dissect various news and statements from TSCC.

If you’re offended by this blog, then it’s doing it’s job. As the Book of Mormon puts so elegantly, “The wicked take the truth to be hard”, or something like that. We’re not here to lead people away from the Mormon Church. We’re here as therapy to ourselves and other ex-mormons. If people leave Mormonism because of it, then great. However, that’s not our primary goal.

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